Hockey Secret Santa!


It’s the second annual Hockey Secret Santa! I’m super excited to make this even better than last year and I hope yall are ready! This year, we’ll have two options for you to choose from. One is traditional Secret Santa similar to last year that Alicia will be in charge of. Another is for you crafty folks! A “5 for 5” deal that will be led by Jenna! Below are the guidelines to each of the options. 

Traditional Secret Santa

  • You will be given the address of one hockey fan along with their tumblr URL and favorite team. 
  • You can send them anything! Homemade is thoughtful, but if you want to buy something, that’s cool too! Just please don’t exceed $15. (look for another post with homemade gift ideas)
  • Signups will end November 25th.
  • Addresses will be given out sometime during the week of the 25th. 
5 For 5
  • You will be given the addresses of FIVE hockey fans, along with their Tumblr URLs and favourite teams. 
  • You must send five gifts in order to receive five.
  • Because of shipping and all that fun stuff, I am asking that your gifts be homemade. You can make 5 of the same things, or 5 different things.
  • If you do choose to buy gifts, please do not exceed $10 each. 
  • Signups will end November 16th. That will give me time to set people up and you time to make the gifts.
  • You will receive addresses sometime during the week of 16th.
  • If less than 5 people sign up, this option will be cancelled. 
  • Due to shipping costs, this is only open for residents of the US and Canada. 
  • Try to send your gifts by December 15th.
  • Let us know when you send your gift! Last year we had issues with people signing up and then not sending anything, leaving people who sent gifts without one in return. I will be keeping track to make sure that everyone who signs up receives a gift. It is the time of giving, after all. 
  • If you sign up but find out you are unable to send something to your fan, please let us know so we can ensure that they will receive a gift.
  • You will have to trust us and other people with your address. 
  • When you send your gift, be sure to include your name and tumblr URL so your people can thank you! 
  • If you change your URL, let us know so we can contact you!
  • To sign up, click here! Or if you are uncomfortable using a third-party website, message us!

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i want it!

You just followed me on it <333333 

If anyone else would like to have the URL to my new blog let me know.

I’m gonna keep this one up for a while, but I’ll be using the other.

I just want to make sure that all of my friends get my new URL (:

Hi. I made a new blog (:

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i’m getting off tumblr until friday

and thinking about deleting or starting over or doing a massive unfollowing and untracking every tag

because people






why would you tag the carolina hurricanes of “harrison getting his ass kicked”?

1) Harrison gets +394873894738473 points for going up against Chara in the first place because the man is twice his size.

2) Why you tag the Canes to talk shit about us? You’re obviously looking to start drama. 

3) Learn. To. Tag. 

oh and the battery in my mom’s car died


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